Cannabis Business Times, February 2023.

Much has been written about optimizing cannabis production in indoor grows and greenhouses, as well as best practices for outdoor farms. While monitoring those parameters and implementing technology that can drive more efficient operations is crucial, the success of a cannabis growing endeavor is dependent on the people who support and nurture that grow.

Here are four tips for building a dynamo cultivation team.

1. Root: Engage and understand team members.

Just as roots are the foundation of a strong cannabis plant, cultivation employees are the foundation to a successful grow.

As the head grower or cultivation manager, it is critical to create an environment where people can do their best work. This is best accomplished by getting buy-in from the ground up—understanding the individuals comprising the grow team, their role(s), their successes, and their struggles—to foster a culture of trust and inclusivity. At Sweet Dirt, this includes coaching the team by doing the work, demonstrating ways to get tasks done more efficiently, hosting all-team meetings each morning to discuss the previous day's work, today’s work and the week’s work. Everyone has an opportunity to speak. Once challenges—both individual and group pain points—are understood, real-world solutions should be identified and shared.

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