Exploring cannabis strain name origins

Ever wondered how weed strains get named? And who does the naming? Check out the 'What's in a Name' article in the April 2022 issue of Beer & Weed Magazine. Here is an excerpt:

What actually goes into naming a weed strain? The answer is multifaceted and pretty damn interesting.

There are lots of perspectives and roles that come into play when you’re talking about naming weed strains, including those of breeders, seed companies, growers, brokers, marketing folks, and plenty others.

Banana Switch Blade 2

After visiting a few different spots, you’ll likely see some familiar names repeated on dispensary menus, strains that have remained popular for years, and their names are pretty much set in stone: Your Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, OG Kush.



So where did all these new names come from?
Some of them come from people like Hughes Pope, co-founder and “Chief Greenthumb” at Sweet Dirt. He has the benevolent creator vibes of a cannabis Bob Ross — gentle, passionate, and completely at home among his happy little trees.

One of the strains you can get at Sweet Dirt is Phoenix, whose aromas they describe as “fruity grapes and alcohol smashed together with stale motor oil.” The extra special thing about Phoenix is where the name comes from. Sweet Dirt suffered a devastating fire in June 2019. They pretty much had to start over from scratch. “I saved two seeds,” Pope says. “And we lost all the other females and males.” He planted those seeds, and from the ashes rose Phoenix.

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