In Eliot, Maine, on November 5th, Questions 4, 5 and 6 permit and regulate adult use marijuana stores, cultivation facilities, products manufacturing facilities, and testing facilities in the town of Eliot.

The Planning Board unanimously recommends "Yes" on these questions. The Select Board recommends Yes by majority, with one absent member.

Why Vote Yes on Question 4, Question 5, and Question 6?

As marijuana legalization approaches reality in Maine, Eliot has the opportunity to:

  • Replace the black market with legal, regulated cannabis sales
  • Free up law enforcement resources to focus on serious issues that truly impact Eliot residents’ quality of life
  • Drive business and tax revenue as Eliot becomes the premier destination for legal cannabis for tourists and neighboring residents driving into Maine

Did You Know?

Legalized adult use cannabis sales in Eliot will:

Provide Tax Revenue

Cannabis sales in Maine (estimated to grow to $300+ million) will provide hundreds of millions in tax revenue over the next decade. In states like Colorado, marijuana brings in three times more tax revenue than alcohol.

Create jobs

At capacity, we have the potential to employ up to 60 employees in the Eliot area – primarily in the areas of cultivation, retail, and management.

Drive Business

For every $1.00 spent in the marijuana in- dustry, between $2.13 and $2.40 in economic activity is generated. Tourism, banking, food, real estate, construction, agriculture and trans- portation are a few of the industries that benefit from legal marijuana.

Empower Law Enforcement

It’s time to draw this industry out of the black market, regulate and tax it, and free up law enforcement resources to concentrate on serious issues that truly impact Eliot residents’ quality of life.

Improve Real Estate Values

Cities that allow retail dispensaries saw home values increase $22,888 more than cities where marijuana is illegal from 2014 to 2019 (controlling for population and initial home values).

Regulate Cannabis for Consumer Safety

People buying marijuana on the street (i.e. the current vape scare) have no way of knowing if what they’re ingesting is covered with mold, fungus, pesticides, or other harmful substances.

Packaging will be child-resistant to be compliant with the law. Studies show drop in youth use of cannabis once cannabis is legalized. Licensed distributors check IDs to limit youth access – black market operators do not.

On November 5, 2019, Vote Yes on Questions 4, 5, and 6