Looking for a gift sure to wow the cannabis lover in your life? Here are some quality gifts for everyone (21+) on your holiday list – from the cannabis enthusiast to the canna-curious.

Flower. This holiday season, skip the foil-wrapped Poinsettias and opt for premium Maine-grown cannabis flower.

The highly giftable Wilshire Madison flower in its luxe embossed boxes and heavy glass jars feels downright decadent. Strains include Mandarin, Sherbet, and Wedding Cake x OG Kush.

Make merry with the gift of Sweet Dirt’s own organic strains. We grow the only Maine recreational flower that’s certified ‘clean’ by MOFGA, the Maine Organic Farmers and

Gardeners Association. Strains include Alaskan Orange Tree, Dream Star, Nor’easter, and many others – all dripping in terpenes and rich in flavor and aroma.

Where to buy: Sweet Dirt flower can be found at Sweet Dirt recreational stores in Portland and Waterville and in fine cannabis dispensaries throughout Maine. 
Pipes and Bongs. What cannabis canna-seurwouldn’t be delighted to find some smokable art under the Christmas tree? Check out the colorful Maine-made toasted marshmallow pipes and lobster buoy bongs from the talented Danny Camp.

Where to buy: Typically found only in high-end glass galleries and smoke shops, Sweet Dirt is proud to have Danny’s work – plus that of @beakglass, @sugarmattys and @witchdrx – on display and available for purchase at both our Waterville and Portland recreational stores.

Badder, Shatter & Sugar. For the dabbing enthusiast, the Alaskan Orange Tree Shatter and Malibu TwistShatter are flying off our shelves this holiday season.They are the result of a collaborative effort with Blue Sky Lab and Sweet Dirt. These are sure to please even the most discerning concentrate consumer. And if your cannabis lover does cartwheels for cartridges, then our ever-popular ‘Liquid Diamonds’, also processed by Blue Sky, will definitely bring a smile.

Where to buy: Blue Sky concentrates and cartridges can be found at Sweet Dirt recreational stores in Portlandand Waterville and in fine cannabis dispensaries throughout Maine.

Electronic Vaporizers. Everycannabis-loving techie has a high-end electronic vaporizer on their wish list. This sleek, award-winning Puffco Peak Pro is great for beginners and connoisseurs alike. 

“It offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you're looking for.” For something smaller, pick up a Puffco Plus portable oil vaporizer or PuffcoVision concentrate vape pen.


Where to buy: Puffco vapes as well as the best-selling Evolve and Vane dry herb vaporizers from Yocan  and the highly-portable and always discreet PAX 3 at Sweet Dirt recreational stores in Portland and Waterville. FYI: The PAX 3 will soon be available in limited edition hand-dripped designs.

Stash Bags & Jars. While recreational cannabis is legal and widely accepted in Maine, most cannabis consumers still wisely opt for smell-proof, child-resistant storage for their flower and edibles. Sweet Dirt lockable, zippered hemp stash bags ar
e great for discreet, on-the-go cannabis storage. Think vape pens, carts, concentrates, and edibles. We also love the silicone-coated mason jars from RE:STASH. These BPA-free, light-blocking, child-proof storage jars are perfect for your favorite strains, gummies and more.

Where to buy: Sweet Dirt stash bags and RE:STASH jars can both be found at Sweet Dirt recreational stores in Portland and Waterville.

Hats & Hoodies. Who doesn’t love a sweet lid or snuggly hoodie? Sweet Dirt stores are stocked with locally produced embroidered beanies andbaseball hats and printed hoodies and sweatshirts.

Where to buy: Check out our swag at Sweet Dirt recreational stores in Portland and Waterville. New colors are hitting the shelves soon!

Candles. Whether celebrating marijuana’s bouquet or masking its aroma, candles have long been a go-to for cannabis consumers. Two of our favorites are ‘I
 Wasn’t Smoking Weed’ by Calm Down Caren and ‘I Burn Sage, Cannabis & Bridges’ by the Malicious Women Candle Co). Light up and bring on the festive vibes.

Where to buy: We have these and other handmade candles at Sweet Dirt recreational stores in Portland and Waterville.

Spin Batteries. Exclusive to Sweet Dirt, spin vape batteries are made with the highest-grade battery cell available, ensuring a longer lifespan and safe, dependable performance. Affordable and stylish, these make great stocking stuffers!

Where to buy: These exclusive batteries are found at Sweet Dirt recreational stores in Portland and Waterville.

CBD. For those who prefer the benefits of CBD, Sweet Dirt offers a wide array of Maine-made CBD edibles, flower, topicals, oils, and more. Our favorite CBD edibles include vegan CBD gummies from High Peak (@highpeakcannabis), a yummy full spectrum praline spread and ever-popular Pate de Fruit from Schoppee Farms, and All Kind CBD honeys and jams.

Maine Coast Hemp full spectrum oils are also customer favorites. For those looking for hemp flower, Sweet Dirt proudly carries smokablehemp flower and pre-rolls from Schoppee Farms. For luxury skin care, Sweet Dirt offers an array of topicals including full spectrum CBD salves and lotions from Schoppee Farms and massage oils, salves, and lip balms from Maine Coast Hemp.

Don’t forget the pup on your shopping list! SchoppeeFarms CBD treats are made from rich, organicallygrown raw hemp and made exclusively with human grade organic ingredients. Maine Coast Hemp’s full-spectrum hemp oil is known to help improve your pet’s mood and general well-being. 

Where to buy: All these products and a variety of others are available at Sweet Dirt recreational stores.


Gift Cards. Spark joy with a Sweet Dirt gift card. Available at Sweet Dirt Recreational Stores inWaterville and Portland, Sweet Dirt gift cards can be gifted in any amount of your choosing ($420 is sure to make spirits very bright indeed). These can be used at any Sweet Dirt recreational store in Maine (more coming soon!) and never expire.