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Helping You Define Your Own Path to Wellness

While there are over 2500 registered medical cannabis caregivers in Maine, just a handful provide certified clean cannabis. Here at Sweet Dirt, we are committed to growing the cleanest cannabis and dedicated to working with you to understand your needs - and finding the right medicinal cannabis solution for you.
Meet Our Founders

From the beginning, our roots have always been helping people by providing quality products - and that vision continues today.

We are committed to:


One-on-one patient relationships

We want our patients to know who is growing their medicine and how it is being grown. We are knowledgeable about different strains and can help determine the best fit for each of our patients.


Cannabis education

We want to educate you on all things cannabis including its benefits and how its sourcing impacts the product's quality.



We test all of our cannabis for purity and potency so that we can give our patients the highest-quality and most consistent experience.

We will make every effort possible to expose what we are doing through test results, organic certifications and education. We look forward to continuing to treat people the way they want to be treated and providing an alternative to pharmaceutical remedies.


Creating beautiful dirt

As our name indicates, we think our hand-made living soil is something special. As one of only 15 MOFGA "certified clean cannabis" caregivers in Maine, we know we're on to something.

Hand-crafted process

We hand trim our plants, preserving the crystals, terpenes and all the good parts of the flower. We want you to have high-quality, curated product.
What you put into things you get out - and plants are a direct representation of that statement. You can tell right away if something is nurtured and cared for.
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Meet Our Founders


Kristin Pope

Kristin leads the product development and production of the body care products including the tinctures. Her diverse background, including a degree in women's studies, training as a doula and certification as yoga teacher, guides her approach at Sweet Dirt.  She has always been interested in health and wellness, and open to holistic techniques, including plant medicine. She is looking to help expand the view of cannabis to the herbalist community.


Hughes Pope

Hughes likes to get his hands dirty and has always loved plants - which seems fitting as he and Kristin met at a plant nursery. He's a pro at all things soil and an encyclopedia on cannabis botany and varietals. Gaining experience at a large dispensary in Maine, he learned all the aspects of the commercial side of cannabis cultivation. Applying that knowledge, he changed focus and decided he wanted to serve the needs of his community as a medicinal caregiver.

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