Dried, ground cannabis can be enjoyed in a number of ways – from a perfectly rolled joint to inhaling through pipes, bongs, or bubblers. Each has its own unique experience. Here are a few things to consider before investing in something more substantial than rolling papers.

Where do you smoke most often?
If you smoke on the go

Are you looking for something portable? A handheld, easy-to-use pipe is just the thing. Pipes have been used to consume cannabis for centuries. Pipes can come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes, but typically feature a bowl at one end and a hole to inhale smoke through on the other. New to the pipe game? Here’s our guide on how to use a pipe.

If you prefer to smoke at home
If you are looking for an at-home setup (and these days, who isn’t?) a bubbler or bong is a great option. Bubblers are typically small and resemble a hand pipe. Here’s our 101 on how to use a bubbler. Bongs are usually larger and more complex than bubblers. Smoke sessions with bongs can last longer and be more ritualistic, which makes it great for sharing with larger groups.

Danny Camp

Both bongs and bubblers are water pipes, meaning they use water as a filtration system. This cools down the smoke before it hits the lungs – offering a smooth hit. Because the smoke is cooled, it is condensed and will provide a bigger hit with more effect. Bongs and bubblers are typically for more experienced smokers, and are not the best if all you want is a small hit (or two), and a mild effect.

Is ceramic or glass better?
Glass bongs and bubblers are the most popular, since they provide the cleanest and purest taste. Ceramic bongs are also popular due to their durability. They also tend to look cleaner (even when they are not) due to their opaque materials. Acrylic bongs and bubblers are also available, but are not recommended, as they deliver a harsher smoke, are harder to clean, and are almost always made overseas.

Where should I buy my pipe, bong, or bubbler from?
Before you purchase a pipe, bong, or bubbler, ask yourself, “Where was this made?” At Sweet Dirt, we proudly carry a wide variety of pipes, bongs, and bubblers manufactured here in New England.

OctoMany of the products we feature at both our Waterville and Portland recreational stores are usually found only in high-end glass galleries and smoke shops. Some of our glass partners include @dannycampglass, @justinbarrglass, @beakglass, @sugarmattys, and @witchdrx.

While local products can be more expensive, the quality is almost always better. And the craftsmanship is easy to spot. These are smokable art, conversation starters, and collector’s items. Many artisans offer short runs and limited editions – some with waiting lists months long.  

Pipes, bongs, and bubblers for every budget
SherlockSweet Dirt proudly offers a variety of local and American-made pipes, bongs, and bubblers.

For high-end, Maine-made glass pipes, we offer collectable hand pipes from @beakglass that range in price from $125 to $300. We also carry conversation pieces like toasted marshmallow and lobster pot bongs from Casco Bay Bongs (@dannycampglass) and @justinbarr octopus sculptural pipes and bongs. For these high-end, unique pieces, expect to pay upwards of $450 to $800.

Conversely, @sugarmattys is a local New England artist offering more affordable small hand pipes at just $20 to $60 each. 

Bud Vase

 Sweet Dirt also offers American-made mid-tier bongs for $120 from our partner @witchdrx, and beautiful ceramic water pipes from My Bud Vase for $80 to $220.

Choosing a pipe, bong, or bubbler is a personal experience, determined by where and when you smoke, your budget, and your aesthetics. For more guidance on choosing a product that is perfect for you, visit a Sweet Dirt retail store and check out our inventory of beautiful glass and ceramic products.