When smoking cannabis, it is always a smart idea to pace yourself. Slow and steady always win the race when it comes to THC. Sometimes, though, you get a little too high. We’ve all been there.

Maybe you’re hanging out with a few friends, passing around a couple joints, and you start to feel lightheaded or just uncomfortable. This is pretty common, especially if you’re new to smoking, a first-time dabber finding your dose, or enjoying an edible but unaware of the amount of THC you are consuming.

Some people can start to freak out a little. The first thing to do is remind yourself that everything is going to be okay. If you can power through the next 15-20 minutes, you will likely feel better.

If you really hate the feeling and want to dull the high immediately, there are a few things you can do.

1. CBD

If you have any straight up CBD, full spectrum hemp oil, or any flower, edibles or tinctures that are mostly CBD, use it right away. Once you’ve taken it, sit back and let it set in. It pulls back the high, letting you relax and calm down. CBD is the easiest way to dull a high, but not the only one.

2. Black pepper

Many people say that if you take a teaspoon of black pepper and swallow it, it helps push the high out. I know, it sounds gross, but it really does work.

3. Sleep

This is the hardest one to do, but it works. If you can fall asleep, you’ll ride out the high. You might wake up a little groggy, but that’s pretty typical when using cannabis.

4. Hydrate

According to the American Medical Association, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Inhaling or ingesting cannabis can exacerbate dehydration, so drink plenty of water – especially if you are feeling ‘off’ after potentially consuming too much THC.

Hope this helps!