Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cannabis
  • Rolling papers
  • Grinder
  • Lighter or matches
  • Small piece of cardboard for a filter

First things first, find a strain of cannabis that you enjoy. De-stem the buds, and grind it up, ideally in a grinder. “Hand” grinding doesn’t break the buds down enough, and your joint will burn unevenly.

Next, check your rolling papers to make sure they are a kind that you like. If this is one of your first times rolling a joint, you’ll probably end up ripping or tearing the paper a few times, but don’t get discouraged. Thick papers are the easiest papers to learn on.

Once you have your paper and ground up weed, find a flat surface or a plate to dump out the weed. When you have everything out and in the open it’s a lot easier to work with.

You’re ready to roll a doobie! Grab your paper and take a close look – there will be a shiny strip on one side of the paper. Make sure that piece is facing you on the far side of the paper.

Roll-a-joint Waterville MaineNow comes the moment when you put weed to paper. Start evenly spacing the bud throughout the middle of the paper. Make sure the weed is leveled out and pressed down so it doesn’t move around too much. Do not be afraid to pack it with a good amount ­– ½ gram to a gram usually works best. The worst thing that can happen is the weed falls out onto the table. Everyone has a certain way they hold their paper while rolling, I like to have my pointer and middle finger on the bottom of the paper, and my thumb in the middle of the paper.

Once you have the weed in place, fold the paper over the weed with your pointer and thumb on each side of the paper. Start rubbing the tops of the paper together to create a tight roll for the bud. Once everything is tight, start moving the front paper down towards the bud to start wrapping. This leaves the shiny strip of the paper on the top. Lick that strip, fold it forward, and roll from the bottom of the joint. You can correct any minor mistakes by licking the tip of your finger and fixing spots.

Some people like to roll their joint by adding a filter before they start, while others like to add it after they roll. You can use a small piece of cardboard or rip the edge off a business card.

Once the filter is in, pack down the opened end a little and twist the end to close.

Now, light your joint and relax!