What is a bubbler?

A bubbler is basically a mix between a water bong and a pipe. It has a rush (the hole on the side) like a bowl, and you add water to it like you would with a water bong.

Why we love using bubblers

If you already have a bong and a pipe (aka a bowl), you’re probably wondering why you would need a bubbler. The advantage of a bubbler over a traditional bong is that it’s way smaller and easier to conceal. We also find that when we use a bubbler, we can get really big, clean hits. You can get big hits from pipes too, but they can be really hard on your throat. With pipes you can sometimes end up with ash or a burning ember in your mouth, which no one likes. With bubblers, it’s a really clean hit since it’s going through the water which acts as a filter.

How to use a bubbler

When you use a bubbler, the first step is figuring out the right amount of water to add.

If you can see into the bubbler, fill the water up to just a smidge over the downstem (the long skinny tube going down from the bowl where you pack the flower into the bottom of the bubbler).

If you can’t see inside your bubbler, add a little bit of water at a time. Put your mouth on the mouthpiece, plug the rush (hole), and start inhaling as you would to smoke it, then release your finger. If you feel water hit your mouth, then you put too much water in and need to remove some. If nothing hits your mouth and you hear a sweet bubble sound, you have the right amount of water inside.

Once you’ve got your bubbler set up with water, find the strain you want to smoke. A grinder is going to be your friend here. You can just take a bud and toss is into the bowl pack, but you won’t get the best effect out of that. Grinding it allows air to be able to run throughout the bud and burn 100% through.

Once you have the bud ground up, take a little and pack it lightly into the bowl. Plug the rush and put your mouth up to the mouthpiece. As you start to light the bud, start inhaling so the flame gets pulled down towards the bud. Pull for about a second then release your finger off the rush and fully inhale the rest of the smoke.