Using a glass, metal, or wooden pipe is a lot of people’s first experience with cannabis. They are usually inexpensive, small and discrete, and very easy to use. They can also be more expensive, gorgeous works of art, but that is a topic for a future post. You’ve probably heard a pipe referred to as a bowl, but technically the “bowl” is where you are packing the cannabis.

The first thing you want to do is find a strain that you want to smoke. Grab your grinder (or use your fingers and start your long journey of breaking it apart and having sticky fingers). Pack the bowl down a little bit, but not too much or the bud won’t burn all the way through.

Once you have your bowl packed, grab your lighter, cover the rush (the small hole in the pipe, also called the “carb”, “choke” or “bink”, among other things) with your finger, and start inhaling on the mouthpiece while you light the bud. As you inhale, wait a few seconds and release your finger off the rush. Inhale the rest of the smoke inside of the pipe.

Interesting in trying something new? Check out our post on how to use a bubbler. It’s similar to using a pipe but has water inside of it. If you’re experienced with cannabis, check out our post on using raw concentrates.

Have fun!