When people hear “concentrates” they tend to think of a giant blow torch and elaborate smoking devices with a bunch of moving parts. But that’s not what raw concentrates are all about.

Most people use raw concentrates either because their tolerance for THC is very high, or their pain is hard to deal with. Other people just enjoy the flavor.

There are a few different ways to consume raw concentrates. First timers should definitely take it slow. I’d recommend packing a bowl and putting a bit of the raw concentrate right on top of the cannabis. The concentrate will melt down into the bud and give you an extra little kick. This is a great way to figure out if you enjoy using raw concentrates.

Raw Concentrates Waterville MaineNow if you have "dabbled" (see what we did there?) in the raw concentrates game, then why not try something different? A nectar collector is unique and easy to operate. If your dabs come inside a silicone or glass jar, then you can leave it right in there. The neat thing about nectar collectors is that there’s no need to touch the concentrates.

The device has a long glass, quartz, or titanium “straw” that needs to be heated up. This is where you will need a small torch, which you can find at most head shops. Use the torch to heat up the end of the straw until it turns red. Let it cool for about 10-15 seconds, then take the heated end and tap it against the raw concentrate while inhaling on the mouthpiece. Only inhale for about 5 seconds, then exhale.

This is the same basic process as using a rig with a “banger”. A banger looks like a mug that attaches to the smoking device. You heat up the bottom of the banger and wait until it turns red. A banger usually retains heat pretty well, so instead of 10-15 seconds, wait about 30-45 seconds for it to cool. With this method, you’ll need a little tool to scoop out the concentrate so you can place it in the banger. Place your dab at the bottom of the banger. If you let it touch the side of the banger, it should melt down and start smoking. This is when you should start inhaling smoke.

With concentrates, the cannabinoid levels are pretty high. Remember: a little goes a long way!