If are new to vaping, you may have questions about how best to use and store your vape pen and carts. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can keep your vape materials in good condition:

Operating your vape pen

  • Use quality hardware. Only use quality hardware or hardware recommended for use with the cart hardware you are using.
  • Keep your battery charged. Your battery will perform best with a full charge. It’s important to note that lithium-based batteries have a limit to the number of times they can be recharged before the battery life starts to wane. If your connections are good and battery is charged, but your vape pen will not fire up, it may be time to replace your vape battery.AU_Cart_DreamStar
  • Use the proper voltage setting. Batteries with adjustable voltage and a button work better than non-adjustable or auto-draw on a wide variety of cart and concentrate types. You may need to adjust the voltage setting to ensure adequate vaporization and hit when you are getting used to a new cart. If your voltage setting is too low, you may not be able to get as large of a hit as you want. Low voltage, however, will ensure the best flavor but also a more mellow effect and smaller hit. If you are looking for maximum cloud or an intense effect, you may want a higher voltage, however, be cautious not to set the voltage too high as a high setting can burn the concentrate and negatively affect the flavor or smoothness of hit.
  • Be gentle with contact points. When connecting the vape cart to the vape battery, it’s important not to over tighten the cartridge - this can restrict airflow, or worse, damage the connection point. If you are having trouble getting airflow, try unscrewing the cart and reconnecting with a looser grip.
  • Go easy. Drawing hard on a cart repeatedly will cause the extract to heat up and thin to a point where you will draw excess concentrate into the center post of the cart where it will either congeal and clog or leak out the bottom when you are done your session. And, to avoid overheating, after enjoying a few pulls from the vape pen, allow some time to cool down in between sessions.
Cleaning your vape cart and battery contact points

  • Keeping the contact points on both your battery and cart clean will ensure the best performance. To clean, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the contact point on both the cart and battery. Repeat if necessary. Allow the alcohol to fully evaporate before use (ideally, wait 10 minutes before use).
Storing your vape carts and battery

  • Store Upright. Carts should always be stored upright. Storing cannabis vape cartridges horizontally may cause cartridges to become backed-up.
  • Store at Room Temperature. Cartridges should never be stored in hot or cold temperatures - temperatures of under 50 degrees and over 80 degrees should be avoided as these can lead to malfunction of the cartridge. To ensure the longevity of your pen and carts, keep these at room temperature. Never store in your car – cold winter New England temps or summer heat waves could result in leaks, clogs and/or broken contacts. Batteries should also be stored at room temperature for maximum longevity. Ideally, cartridges should be stored separately from the battery, upright, with silicone covers on to protect mouthpiece and contact. Cartridges should not be stored connected to the battery.
  • Minimize Exposure to Light. Like most cannabis products, the cannabinoids within vape cartridges are sensitive to light. To maximize potency, always take care to minimize your vape cart’s exposure to the sun and other sources of harmful UV rays.

    Happy Vaping!