Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) is the oldest and largest state organic certification program in the country. Since 1971, it has advocated for organic growing practices, a healthy environment, local food production, and thriving communities.MOFGACCClogo-01

MOFGA Certification Services (MCS) was formed in 2002. It provides USDA-accredited organic certification services to Maine farmers and food processors. MCS certifies crops, livestock, processed products, and more to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standard.

What is MOFGA Clean Cannabis Program?
The MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis Program (MC3) is a voluntary marketing label. Growers can opt in to this third-party verification and certification of their cannabis. MC3 certification shows customers the dedication and commitment that goes into the growing practices. The standards for MC3 certification mirror the USDA NOP standard for crop production.FOREST333

To be MOFGA certified, growers must verify their growing practices through an audit process. All aspects of the operation are reviewed, and an on-site inspection is done annually.

Here are some of the rules that growers must follow as part of the MC3 program:

  • Hydroponic production is not allowed.
  • Plants and seeds must have a record of their origin.
  • Records are required for planting, propagation, harvest, etc. of all plants.
  • Only non-GMO, untreated seeds can be used.
  • Synthetic rooting hormones are not allowed, but natural options, such as aloe, molasses, honey, willow, and coconut water are allowed.
  • Only approved fertilizers and pesticides may be used.
  • No synthetic fertilizers or composts made from human or municipal waste are allowed.
  • Approved pesticides may only be used after other management methods fail.
  • There are strict handling requirements for harvest and post-harvest to protect the cannabis from potential contaminants.
  • An inspection and audit must be done every year to maintain certification.

About Sweet Dirt’s growing practices
Sweet Dirt is proud to be the first and only MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis. We take pride in growing our plants the way nature intended: in rich, living soil, with clean water, and without additives, fillers, or toxins. We strive to always do right by Mother Nature. Learn more on our website about how we grow.