In MG Magazine article, Finding the Flower Within the Weeds, design powerhouse Pulp + Wire, explores case studies of brands preparing to dominate their markets via brand positioning, naming, logo development, packaging, and merchandising to build a compelling corporate identity.

Uncovering the roots of a growing brand
Crafting a brand identity for Sweet Dirt began with digging into the discovery process to discern the spirit and nature of the Maine-based cannabis brand. That exploration started with a ground-up identification of three unique aspects of the company’s core crop: 1) a proprietary mix of nutrient-rich living soil; 2) the custom-crafted heirloom-strain seeds planted within it; and 3) cannabis flowers cultivated to meet the strict Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association standards that certify exceptional natural purity.packaging-boxes-small

Sweet Dirt’s look is rooted in “living soil” expertise.
Those principles nurtured a brand position told through foundational communications that could share the Sweet Dirt story with the world. Taglines explored ways to capture an origin “rooted in the richness of Maine.” A concise brand statement grew from this concept: The company’s headline, “Nature knows how to grow,” gave rise to the corporate mission of creating “cannabis crafted for body and mind.” The company’s background story completed this suite by memorializing the ecological philosophy of Sweet Dirt’s botanist and herbalist founders as the reason to believe in the brand.

Every aspect of Sweet Dirt’s visual story was crafted to complement this verbal tale, from a spade-shaped logo to a full line of packaging featuring cannabis leaves flourishing within a Maine landscape. The brand honors the company’s core value of environmental sustainability with a packaging system using boxes produced, printed with wind power, and sold within a 100-mile radius of where the source materials were grown.

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